Text to Pay a Household Bill

Electricity? Gas? Rent? Now you can pay all your household bills simply by sending a text message. With payByMobile you receive instant notification that your bill is due and you pay simply by sending an SMS. No more paper bills coming through the door, or waiting in long queues to pay at the Post Office.

Text to PayText to Pay

To pay your household bills by SMS you must register your Utility bill account number with us. To do this you simply text your Utility bill account number to 51525 or click on the “Bills” tab at my.payByMobile and fill out your details. You will then receive notification of your bills by SMS.

To pay you simply text the code assigned to your Utility company followed by the amount you would like to pay. We will send you confirmation of your payment as well as your updated payByMobile balance by SMS in addition to a more detailed receipt by email.

No More PaperNo more Paper

Your household bills will be accessible online at my.payByMobile so you can now avail of the discount prices offered for e-billing without the pain of giving out your bank account details. You will also be doing your bit for the environment by not receiving those paper bills in the post.